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Plane moving stereo garage


Working principle
When the plane mobile parking device accesses the vehicle, it carries on the position exchange between the carrier and the parking place or the carrier and the elevator by the access switch of the carrier, and completes the process of accessing the vehicle. The planar mobile parking equipment is highly automated and fully enclosed and controlled by computer. It is mainly suitable for large intensive garages. The utility model has the characteristics of no driveway, convenient entrance and exit, large number of parking, high efficiency of the access vehicle, automatic control, safe operation, etc..


Main products
Intelligent parking equipment and parking management system. The production of lifting andtransferring vertical lifting plane, movable type, landscape type, garage, and the garage vertical circulation type elevator for car etc..


We have advanced raw materials


 Welding beautiful smooth.                                                 Elegant appearance, economical, safe and secure


Senior Engineer Monitoring                                                               High accuracy and little error

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