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Huaxing smart sales director Li Guangsong visit Japan exchange experience

     In August 24, 2016, Anhui province should stop service industry association invited, led by the Anhui Provincial Foreign Affairs Office and the Japan China Friendship Association, as vice president of the Anhui Provincial Park Service Industry Association unit, on behalf of our sales director Li Guangsong and other members of a ten, common open a five day trip to japan.
Japan as a representative of the development of the Asian parking equipment industry, the local traffic situation, intelligent garage has accounted for more than 70% of the total market parking berth, intelligent parking industry is developed, and the Japanese people for intelligent parking cognition degree is high, making the trip to Japan is particularly important.
      According to Lee, in five days of exchange of experience, the delegation investigated as one of Japan's car industry leading enterprises PhilPark parking equipment operation Co. Ltd., visited the company intelligent parking equipment production workshop, the actual experience of intelligent garage operations of the company, Lee said: the visit more must be a good momentum of development of our country's parking equipment industry in the future, but also brought great opportunities to the development of our company, has injected new vitality and bloodto. Our company will continue to work hard to solve the traffic chaos which is difficult to stop, serve the society, serve the public and lead the healthy development of the industry.